Osteria Napoletana Neapolitan cuisine in Notting Hill

Located on Kensington Park Road, Osteria Napoletana champions the local farmers of Naples whose produce will stock the larders of the Osteria to create ‘antica cucina’ recipes such as Linguine all ‘Nerano’, a linguine pasta with lightly fried courgette slices with parmesan cheese originating from the Amalfi Coast.

” Other native dishes on the menu feature the likes of Montanare Pomodoro, Basilico e Parmigiano: tiny fired pizzas using the holy trinity of rural, Neopolitan ingredients; ‘Zizzona’ di Battipaglia, a premium giant mozzarella direct from Salerno, one of the most important centres of Italian mozzarella production “

” Sister restaurant to the elegant Osteria Romana in Knightsbridge, known for it’s simple, humble dishes that celebrate Roman produce and culinary history, Osteria Napoletana will do just the same, sharing the local, lesser known dishes of Reitano’s origin, by way of a classic Neopolitan menu and Italian wine list. “